The Grandma Francie Scholarship for Women’s Education

This scholarship was created by Grandma Francie’s 8 grandchildren. To know her was to love her; to spend time with her was to learn something from her. From lunch recipes to life lessons, everything she touched turned to love and light. Grandma Francie will be missed by her 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons as they continue through life without her positively powerful presence. Having never fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a teacher, her 8 grandchildren created The Grandma Francie Memorial Fund for Women’s Education wherein they shall select a student in financial need to receive a complete scholarship toward the fulfilment of a Bachelor’s degree in Education at either McGill, Concordia University or a University located in Toronto. Please note, the student will be required to reapply each subsequent year to be considered. Our family is honoured to help change a life in honour of a life who changed so many.

Scholarship Summary

Accepted academic institution: McGill University, Concordia University or a University in Toronto

Location of academic institution: Montreal or Toronto

Field of study: Education

Scholarship amount: $5,000

Is it necessary for the student to demonstrate financial need? Yes

Is academic standing important to qualify for this scholarship? Yes

History of community involvement: No

Can the student re-apply if they have already received this scholarship in the past: Yes, the student will be required to reapply each subsequent year to be considered.

Proof of citizenship: Canadian

Letter of application outlining goals and reason for scholarship request: Yes

Transcript: Yes

Fall 2023 proof of enrollment: Yes

CV: Yes

Letter of reference: 2 reference letters