The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal

Dollars Granted:

The JCF has grown significantly in assets under management but at the end of the day we believe the best performance indicator is the amount of money we spend on charitable programs. Our goal is for our total grants and charitable activities to grow year-over-year. For the year March 31st, 2018 we granted over $107 million to charities and to charitable activities that support education, healthcare, poverty relief, social service as well as arts and culture. This is a 85 % increase in grants  and charitable activities over last year.

Number of Grantees:

The JCF prides itself in supporting the charitable sector at large. One of the performance measures we look at are the number of Registered Canadian Charities receiving grants from the JCF, as well as charitable programs the JCF runs directly. Consistently from year-to-year our reach has grown and now stands at over 1,000 grant recipients, an increase of 140 grantees (16.2%) over the prior year.

Number of Families:

Promoting philanthropic giving is our main priority. We reach out to families across Montreal and show them how philanthropic giving can be easy, tax-effective and part of their financial planning. In a nutshell, we educate on philanthropic giving. Our goal is to reach more families, and help them structure their giving in such a way that everything is centralized in one place; is easy and personally gratifying.  Last year we reached a new record of 2,181 fund holders an increase of 167 over the previous year.

Assets Under Management:

One of our preoccupations is to plan for the future. We want the community and the charitable sectors we support to be sustainable long-term and thus one of our priorities is to build permanent endowments that will support charities in perpetuity. One of our measurements is total assets and the chart below demonstrates growth in assets year-to-year.


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