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Can I earn more than one academic scholarship?

Students may receive only one academic-based scholarship

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

While applicants will, if feasible, be considered for other scholarships, we will only accept one application. The number of recipients varies each year depending on the applicant pool and available funding.

Are international students considered for academic scholarships at a Montreal CEGEP?

No, international students will not be considered for academic and competitive academic scholarships offered by JCF.  Applicants need proof of Quebec residency and must meet the other requirements to be considered and provide ALL of the required supporting documents (See Section 4).

I am deferring my admission to CEGEP. Can I defer my academic scholarship as well?

The terms of the scholarship agreement state that students must enroll or be enrolled at a Montreal CEGEP beginning in the fall semester following high school graduation. In unique situations, however, students may appeal to have their scholarship offer deferred with legitimate supporting documentation.

Do I have to apply for need-based financial aid to receive an academic-based scholarship?

No, financial need is not a factor in the academic-based scholarship process.

What if there is something significant regarding my financial situation that is not captured on the form?

Please include a short written addendum outlining this information, and provide supporting documentation where possible.

I am an independent student, what information do I provide and where?

Please provide your financial information in the Finance section of the application form. You must also provide supporting documentation for yourself about your income (income tax summary/Student Aid Report/ etc.). However, if you are considered an independent student yet are still receiving aid from your parents, you must also provide their financial information.

Is a scholarship interview required?

Interviews are not required for those chosen from the scholarship applicant pool.

How will I be notified if I have earned an academic scholarship award?

Scholarship recipients are notified by phone or email to the address listed on their application.

When will I be notified if I have been selected to receive an academic-based scholarship?

Scholarship offers are made on a rolling basis following the May 1st deadline from June until September and are contingent on the family’s decision and/or when the committees meets to make its final decision.

How do I accept my academic scholarship once I am awarded?

Students are officially notified through mail of any academic scholarship offer and will be invited to receive their scholarship from the respective Family’s at our annual Scholarship Award Event, which takes place in late September.  We strongly encourage all scholarship recipients to attend and  to meet and thank the generous donors who created these scholarship funds.

Scholarships Officer: (514) 345-6427


The application form is to be filled out by all scholarship applicants. All fields are required. Incomplete applications will not be considered. NB: You may only apply for ONE scholarship. Where feasible you will be considered for other scholarships.

Save and Continue Later

Please note: you can save your application and continue at a later date. If you have trouble retrieving your saved application or have any other questions, please contact us at

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If your professors require their letter to be mailed directly to us, please mail them to:

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