Building Family Philanthropy

“We met with Kathy Assayag and Bobby Kleinman, and for us, this was the turning point. They took the time to understand our situation and to provide us with sound fiscal advice. They considered our philanthropic objectives, while recommending strategies that allowed us to maximize our contributions.”



Achieving Excellence Together

“We set up a scholarship in tribute to our son Mitchell of blessed memory, along with his fiancée Mary who died in a mountaineering accident in Nepal more than 20 years ago. Mitchell valued both community service and education, and this is a fitting tribute to his memory.”



Seizing every Opportunity

“When I was a very young girl, I would lie down in the back seat of the car when I was traveling with my family. Every once in a while I would pop up to ask, “Am I missing anything?” The Foundation is an organization that attempts not to miss anything, anything that could protect and benefit our community, especially Jewish life here and abroad. ”


Your Philanthropic Bank Account

Learn how a Donor Advised Fund allows you to support all the causes you care about with a single donation.

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2023 Annual Report

Our fundholders continue to direct their philanthropic dollars to the causes they care about most, in both the Jewish and broader community. Last year, the Jewish Community Foundation distributed over $189 million amongst 1,170 organizations and charitable programs.

$189 Million
allocated to 1,170 organizations and charitable programs

in scholarships were awarded to students in all areas of studies

2,725 Funds
are supported by the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal

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