Encouraging new ideas

A portion of the Jewish Community Foundation’s funds are used to award grants up to $5,000 for innovative projects that need start-up funding. These grants are available to grassroots organizations to meet needs within the Montreal Jewish community and Quebec.

Organizations may apply to the Grassroots Grant program for funds to meet emerging community challenges, to pilot new programs, or to respond to urgent needs. Our grant committee carefully reviews organizations’ applications and allocates funds to support innovative, start-up, and capital projects throughout the community.

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“Working with a Russian-Jewish artist, Yuula Benivolski, the JCF Grassroots Grant made it possible for our Museum to link her personal family story from the former Soviet Union, to the experiences of Jewish immigrants to Montreal from Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Hungary, Russia and around the world. The end result was a truly community-driven project: Dozens and dozens of portraits on our walls expressing the diversity of Jewish life and stories here in Montreal, all shared for our audiences of young members of the Jewish community as well as broader Québec society. Thousands of visitors were able to learn about our community’s diversity through art and storytelling.”

– Zev Moses, Museum of Jewish Montreal