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These guidelines serve to assist the organization prepare a proposal which includes all pertinent information required by the Jewish Community Foundation Allocations Committee.

Allocations shall be made primarily for projects in the social welfare, cultural, health, and educational fields to maintain and enhance the quality of Jewish life within Greater Montreal and when appropriate other cities in Quebec.

Grants range from $500-$5000 for a period of up to 2 years, which may be extended for an additional year; each year of funding requires a renewed application.


  • Grants shall not serve as a replacement for other sources of funding.
  • Grants shall not be used to supplement operating budgets and must be used for specific program(s).

The following are not eligible for grants:

  1. Capital Campaigns
  2. Applicants living outside of Quebec
  3. Projects carried on outside Quebec
  4. Conferences (to sponsor or develop) *Note: unless the applicant can demonstrate that the conference is for leadership development that may benefit the community. 
  5. Requests by students to assist in living costs, research and/or assistance in publishing papers, dissertations
  6. Film/books/video production; however, the committee may consider a grant for marketing or promotion of film/video/book once the project has been completed and is ready for dissemination.

Please feel free to clarify any of the items noted in the guidelines by e-mailing [email protected] or calling Lizzie Cody, Grant Officer at 514-734.1603.