Camp Accessibility

The Overnight Camping Program supports middle-income families with subsidies aimed at boosting enrollment in Jewish summer camps. This program is committed to increasing the number of children attending Jewish overnight camps, so kids can enjoy quality experiences and be exposed to Jewish life and values and make connections with other Jewish children. Participating camps include Camp B’nai Brith, Camp Kinneret-Biluim, Camp Massad, Y Country Camp.

Shaping our Future Grants

Shaping our Future Grants support grassroots organizations and innovative programs aimed at sustaining and enhancing Jewish identity, while reaching out to less affiliated segments in the Jewish community. These grants also focus on programs that target Jews living in geographically dispersed areas, and those that promote ethnic and religious tolerance in the wider community.

Shinshinim Israel Engagement

The Israel Engagement Initiative aims to strengthen personal connections between Montrealers and Israelis by using Israeli emissaries or “shinshinim ” to reach out to people, particularly youth and young families. By working with children in elementary and high schools, they create programs to bring modern Israel to kids living in Montreal

Limmud Home Schooling

The Limmud Home School Program is a tutorial program intended to complement religious education and focus on academic, social and emotional enrichment. The main goal of this program is to tutor children in Math, English, Social Sciences and Science and enable them to succeed academically.

Kehilla Housing Affordability

Individuals and families with limited income spend a disproportional amount of their monthly budget on rent, making it difficult to meet their other basic needs such as food, clothing and transportation. Kehilla seeks to find affordable housing solutions that enable families to live in safe and low cost apartments in close proximity to areas that enable them to lead a Jewish life.

Grassroots Grants

A portion of the Jewish Community Foundation’s funds is used to award funds for innovative projects that need startup funding. These Grassroot Grants are available to grassroots organizations to meet the needs of the Montreal and Quebec Jewish communities.

Wexner Heritage Program

The Wexner Heritage Program is a highly regarded two-year Jewish studies and leadership initiative aimed at expanding the vision of lay leaders, deepening their Jewish knowledge and commitment, and inspiring them to provide transformative leadership in the Jewish community.

Passports to Jewish Life

This initiative envisions a Jewish community that embraces and facilitates diverse ways of being Jewish, by offering a broad array of programs and a wide-range of entry points into Jewish life. The ultimate goal is to help individuals in our community foster meaningful personal and communal Jewish identities, and to empower people to experience Judaism in their own way.