Lee Omer BA, MA

Grants Officer, The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal

Lee Omer has been with the Jewish Community Foundation for over 8 years.  As the key point of contact connecting donors to the worthy causes they support, Lee sits at the center of all that JCF does.  Lee derives great pride from her work matching generous donors to community needs, and has a deep appreciation for the vital role JCF and its donors play in sustaining and strengthening our shared future.  She truly loves what she does and the people she works with.

Lee completed her undergraduate studies in Israel at Tel Aviv University and earned a graduate degree from McGill University.  Ever-smiling, Lee possesses an astute understanding of personal relations and individual philanthropic goals, has a strong work ethic, and holds herself to the highest standards of professional conduct. 

In addition to her work helping to oversee the operations at JCF, Lee also manages the Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation and assists with both the scholarships and grassroots awards.