Jenny Panitch Beckow Memorial Scholarship Israel

For a qualified and interested Canadian student who is entering into or is currently enrolled in a program of graduate studies at an Israeli university.

Fields of study: language, literature, culture, art or music; or in any field of medical, scientific or industrial endeavour or research

Accepted universities: Israel based Institutions

Amount of one scholarship: $20,000

Number of annual Recipients: 8 – 12 students

When Ruth Beckow started to think about her will and her philanthropic dreams, one priority stood out: to honour the memory of her mother, Jenny Panitch who, she says, encapsulated the spirit and soul of Raoul Wallenberg and others who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.

“My mother would have wanted some recognition of their bravery,” says Ruth. “She was truly a kindred spirit, so sadly dismayed by this tragedy.”

She decided to create a scholarship program that creates bridges and understanding by offering the opportunity to experience life in the other’s country while studying, to promote mutual friendship and linking of our people.



• Letter of application setting forth area of study and proposed post-graduate plans
• Proof of enrollment
• Good Academic Standing
• 2 letters of reference
• Leadership skills AND interest in leadership