Shirley and Sam Rabinovitch Piano Scholarship
2 scholarships of $2,500 US to students of The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance or the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University to provide piano lessons to young school age children.

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Jenny Panitch Beckow Memorial Scholarship Israel
Fostering understanding and friendship between Israeli and Canadian students.

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Hesder Study

Please apply to the scholarships below through the administering organizations:

Yehoshua Jason Friedberg z”l Memorial Scholarship
For study at an approved hesder philosophy Yeshiva or Seminary.


Hesder Yeshivot of Mizrachi Canada
For a year’s study at a Hesder Yeshiva after high school graduation.

N.B: Please apply to only 1 scholarship. While applicants will, if feasible, be considered for other scholarships, we will only accept one application for a specific scholarship.