2024 Scholarships Are Now Closed.

Bernice & Gordon Brown Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to a Montreal based student who wishes to study at an approved university in Israel.

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Hella Ram Scholarship to Develop Music Program for Children with Special Needs

Hella Ram, for whom this scholarship is named, was a person who dedicated her life to the happiness of others. She was both a gifted teacher of High School Math Students and a very talented pianist who inspired everyone with her love of music. She sang to her children and grandchildren and to her husband with whom she shared a great love for 55 years and she took special pleasure in sharing her favorite musical pieces with all her friends,  It is therefore fitting that this scholarship will be given to someone who is finding ways to help children with special needs through music. 

Jack Gitlitz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship supports two students for a year’s study at an approved Israeli university.

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Jenny Panitch Beckow Memorial Scholarship Israel

For graduate study or research for a qualified and interested Canadian student who is entering into or is currently enrolled in a program of graduate studies at an Israeli university; fields of study: language, literature, culture, art or music; or in any field of
medical, scientific or industrial endeavor or research. All applicants are to list the financial assistance which they are already receiving for the forthcoming academic year. When Ruth Beckow started to think about her will and her philanthropic dreams, one priority stood out: to honour the memory of her mother, Jenny Panitch who, she says, encapsulated the spirit and soul of Raoul Wallenberg and others who helped save Jews during the Holocaust. “My mother would have wanted some recognition of their bravery,” says Ruth. “She was truly a kindred spirit, so sadly dismayed by this tragedy.” She decided to create a scholarship program that creates bridges and understanding by offering the opportunity to experience life in the other’s country while studying, to promote mutual friendship and linking of our people. Applicants are required to describe other scholarships and financial assistance to which they are entitled during the period of studies under question.

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Mitchell Karper Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to students enrolled in an undergraduate university program for one year of study in Israel.

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Najman Family Scholarship

Awarded to a female student enrolled in undergraduate engineering studies in Montreal or Israel; based on need and merit.

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Najman Graduate Scholarship

Awarded to a student enrolled in graduate studies related to physical rehabilitation & research, with preference given to research related to spinal cord injuries. Local and Israeli students are accepted who study in Canada or Israel.

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Nira Friedman Creative Dance Project

Nira Friedman Creative Dance Project will be given to a student who develops a creative dance project at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. 

Rabbi Sidney Shoham z’’l Scholarship

A year of study in Israel is an incredible opportunity; it is a year where you can focus your commitment and love for Torah and Eretz Yisrael. Mizrachi Canada understands that your dedication to these values for a full year ultimately strengthens our community. Those who decide to make the step towards Aliya to Israel are the Mizrachi community’s investment in the State of Israel and become our emissaries there, while those who return to Toronto return with a stronger sense of mission and understanding of the ideals that our community holds dear – Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael. It is therefore paramount for Mizrachi Canada to help support our students taking part in programs, Yeshivot and Midrashot that instill these ideals. These goals guide us in our decision to offer financial support avenues for prospective students.

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Solly Urman Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Solly Urman Memorial Scholarship is for a Montreal graduate of high school or Cegep who seeks to deepen his or her knowledge of Judaism and Israel by spending a gap year in Israel at a religious Zionist oriented school or university. The scholarship is based on need, scholastic excellence and community involvement. The scholarship was founded to perpetuate the values of Solly Urman, z’l’ who was a passionate Jew and a strong Zionist, who devoted much time to his community supporting young people. In his capacity as treasurer of the Canadian Zionist organization, he facilitated scholarships for study in Israel, which was a matter very close to his heart.

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The Shirley & Sam Rabinovitch Piano Scholarship

Scholarship to students of The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For students who participate in the JAMD Community Service Program.

Congregation Beth Tikvah Ahavat Shalom Nusach Hoari

Yehoshua (Jason) Friedberg Memorial Scholarship

The objective of this scholarship is to allow students in Montreal to study in Israel in a Hesder type Yeshiva/Seminary. In order to be eligible the applicant must be enrolled in a Yeshiva Hesder type program which combines Torah study and service to the State of Israel. This philosophy reflects the ideals of Yehoshua Friedberg Z”L who was killed by PLO terrorists outside of Jerusalem. Yehoshua was a soldier and student whose life reflected the ideal balance of the two realities. The men and women who continue this ideal help to perpetuate his special memory. Applications for scholarship consideration for the upcoming academic year are now being accepted. The criteria requires registration in a Hesder oriented education facility for at least one year. Accompanying documents must include personal background, current academic affiliation, as well as: a letter of recommendation from the school you are now attending, an acceptance letter from the school in Israel, and a copy of your ticket to Israel when it is purchased. Requests should be addressed to: Yehoshua Friedberg Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o Congregation Beth Tikvah, 136 Westpark, Dollard des Ormeaux, QC, H9A 2K2

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