Dr. Steven S. Zalcman Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate or medical student with a demonstrated interest in pursuing research in behavioural neuroscience, neuroimmunology, psychoneuroimmunology, or a related field.

Scholarship Summary

Accepted academic institution: University Graduate or Medical Studies

Location of academic institution: Canada

Field of study: Medical: Neuroscience, Neuroimmunology, Psychoneuroimmunology

Scholarship amount: $1,500 – $3,000

Is it necessary for the student to demonstrate financial need? No

Is academic standing important to qualify for this scholarship? No

Is it necessary for the student to demonstrate leadership skills? No

History of community involvement: No

Can the student re-apply if they have already received this scholarship in the past: Yes

Proof of citizenship: Canadian or Canadian Visa

Letter of application outlining goals and reason for scholarship request: Letter of application describing research intentions and any past or current research the applicant has undertaken.

Transcript: Yes

Fall 2024 proof of enrollment: Yes

CV: Yes

Letter of reference: 2 letters of reference from research supervisors and/or other professors familiar with candidate’s abilities.